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My name is Sylvia Sharps and I am one of the five people running for the District 2 Commission seat of Palm Beach County, I would like for you to recognize me as a viable candidate because I am working hard to become one of the many effective Representatives for this County. You may have only heard of me because of an article on the web regarding a false accusation in 2012 that resulted in my arrest and then dismissal/expungement of charges, but the people of this County know me as the person the provides volunteer counseling for their children when they have exhausted all other options. The citizens living in neighborhoods know me as the domestic violence survivor who provides a listening ear and a list of resources for the person who is in a domestically violent relationship or for that single Mother or Father who works 2 jobs to live in a rental unit being taken advantage of by a landlord who is only interested in collecting rent. These are the people who have accepted me as a part of their lives and have asked me to run for this office so that they can feel that they are being represented regardless of the salary that they earn or the location of their home throughout Palm Beach County.

My professional experience includes working for the Palm Beach County (PBC) Water Utilities Department as the Grant Writer & Special Projects Coordinator successfully attaining well over $100 million in grants with no funds lost and all projects either being completed on schedule or before schedule. I also have had the experience of working with several Congressional Representatives in Washington and Florida as a Congressional Aide. Completing research on issues, such as the 1998 National School Lunch Program affecting the citizens in order for the Representative to be knowledgeable of said issue before casting their yay nor nay vote. While I have not held an elected office, as a 25+ year community outreach volunteer, successful proposal/grant writer and project manager, I do have relationships with a number of local, State and Federal Representative and Department Directors that gives me an advantage when having to request an audience regarding a County issue or project or a citizens’ request.

My board affiliations/memberships include being appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush to the State of Florida Board, Commission on Marriage and Family Support Initiatives and serving on local organizational Boards, having membership/Leadership positions in the International Association of Women, The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. OF Florida, Inc., Order of Eastern Star, NAACP, The Ministerial Alliance, American Contract Compliance Association, the West Palm Beach Mental Health Coalition and for the West Palm Beach CRA, I am the Emcee and Community Liaison for community events.  I limit my memberships in order to be an effective board member and not just to hold a position.

While this is a very abbreviated picture of who I am as a person and what I am known as in the communities that I live in and serve, I am asking that consideration of my candidacy be considered not only because I do love and work hard to assist the citizens living in Palm Beach County but also because I am prepared to work with the members of the Commission. I have extensive knowledge of the PBC processes and procedures and am willing and ready to learn whatever I do not know.

I stand ready to work not only on the continuous issues facing the Commissioners but also regarding making decisions such as the continued lack of affordable housing within the county, the critical opioid addiction epidemic, the lack of funding for the local public schools, the predicted $20 million shortfall predicted for the County budget in 2020 (if the home exemption ordinance that is on the November 2018 ballot), passes and the drawing of the district lines after the US Census of 2020 as a few of the more critical issues that the person elected to this seat will be required to administer as a member of the PBC Commission.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." I have been through some of the most trying times of challenge and controversy during my lifetime, and I still stand believing that regardless of all that will and can happen, the persistence of doing what is right and for others is my legacy.

Thank you for your consideration of my submission.


Sylvia Sharps

2018 Candidate for PBC Commission, District 2

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Committee to Elect Sylvia Sharps
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